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Ingrid Del Ferro


Ingrid Del Ferro • General Director

Like many people worldwide, I also suffered from hyperventilation. I was about 18 when I experienced my first hyperventilation attack. I was in the car with someone and did not know what happened to me. My whole body blocked, it got stuffy, my body was tingling and I couldn’t say a single word anymore. Just before I thought I was going to pass out, it slowly diminished…

From this moment on I experienced these symptoms more often. The panic for the panic was born.

Ok… the daughter of the specialist in respiratory had to go to therapy herself. Fortunately, I got rid of it completely. I just felt the panic diminishing by applying the technique and I got hold of a weapon to prevent such an attack. That made me calm and to this day I have no more problems with it.

Somehow I am also grateful that I had to experience this, because from my own experience I can help you tremendously in overcoming your problems.

Did you know that in the Netherlands about 1.000.000 people suffer from hyperventilation every day? This can be chronic or acute. Chronic means that you actually hyperventilate all day long. Acute hyperventilation manifests itself more in (panic) attacks. Sudden heavy sweating, palpitations, light-headedness are some of the symptoms you may notice. From years of expertise I can conclude that perfectionism and high sensitivity is often the trigger to start hyperventilating. I offer you tools to deal with this differently.

It is wonderful to teach people in a short time how to heal themselves from their hyperventilation and to empower them back into their strengths…

Ingrid Del Ferro is for more than 25 years next to director, trainer and coach of the Del Ferro Institute and founder of The Breathing Academy. With her experience, passion and empathyshe helps top athletes, people who suffer from hyperventilation, burnout and insomnia at The Breathing Academy.

She has learned the method directly from the founder, her father Len Del Ferro, and has refined the technique and brought it up to date over the years.She is author of three books. ‘Spreken is Goud’(Speaking is Gold), ‘Del Ferro Werkboek’(Del Ferro work book), Publishing house Scriptum published her third book ‘Vanzelfsprekend’(Of course).

Because of her expertise she is a gladly seen guest in many television programs and regularly interviewed by the Dutch and foreign media. She is often seen on German television, but the BBC also knew her and made a report. She was interviewed by Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, the host of a big show on Dutch television, and appeared in lots of talkshows and news programs.

In 1992, after the death of her father Len Del Ferro, she continued and expanded his life’s work. She established a Del Ferro establishment in Germany in 2004. Ingrid is a specialist in the field of breath training against stuttering and hyperventilation. She educates Del Ferro teachers and gives various trainings at Del Ferro.

My story

"Not soft, but sensible."

"I am practical and result oriented. I give you insights and clarity. I am positive, intuitive and confrontational. I like a practical approach, so that you can immediately start solving your problem. My gift is to to empower people back into their strengths and show you what it means to turn negativity into something positive."

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