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Breathing technique for improving sports performance


Achieving (top) sports performance depends on many aspects. To peak, the body must be in shape and not overloaded. In addition, proper nutrition is an aspect that has been gaining popularity in recent years. For example, there are nutritionists who set up personal diets to work towards the best performance.

An important aspect where still a lot can be gained can is correct and efficient breathing. A performance cannot be delivered without oxygen and the more intensive the training, the more you demand from your respiratory system.

If you breathe shallow and fast, you use, on average, only 30% of your lung capacity. If you learn a technique to breathe effectively, you can effortlessly increase this to 60-70%. This makes you less tired during a workout and you recover faster. Having your breathing in order also creates mental peace and space, sharpening the focus.

In top sports, margins are small and every win over your opponent is a big advantage. Follow a training at The Breathing Academy and experience for yourself that you can breathe well and get stronger conditionally.