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Link stress and hyperventilation


The answer is a firm YES!

Hyperventilation is a stress-related ailment, which is maintained by the symptoms such as palpitations, dizziness and fatigue, causing the stress before the stress. This vicious circle must be broken, but how …

The phrenic nerve runs from our brain to our diaphragm, the respiratory muscle, This nerve picks up every mood. When you are under stress, your breathing becomes higher, shallower, faster. You start to breathe more and often you hold that inhalation. This causes tension for our diaphragm. In the current time when we are subject to a lot of stress, people unconsciously breathe more. And we breathe out less. When you do this (unconsciously) throughout the day, you are chronically hyperventilating. There is, as it were, an incorrect composition of oxygen and carbon dioxide. That combination ensures that you get into physical and mental problems. I also call that mental breathlessness. So we can breathe. The problem is exhaling, letting go. We have trouble with that.

Through our unique breathing training you learn to control and relax the diaphragm muscle, which is responsible for our breathing, so that you immediately notice that stress complaints associated with hyperventilation decrease. This will help you regain confidence in your own body, which will make you feel calmer. A beautiful turn around that you can make your own within 4 weeks with a scientifically proven technique.