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Advice for hyperventilation


If you suffer from hyperventilation, you can do the following;

  • Stand shoulder-wide (feet below the shoulders), place your legs firm but not locked.
  • Keep your mouth closed, inhale through your nose, without sound and for as long as you want. Don’t do this overly deeply. Imagine smelling a lovely perfume or flower.
  • While breathing in, try to spread your flanks horizontally while placing your hands on the ribs. Place the little finger where you can feel the bottom rib. Place your thumbs on your back. The chest and shoulders should not move.
  • Exhale immediately afterward. So never hold your breath after inhalation. Breathe out through your mouth. Through a not too large opening, because then you sigh and not much happens. But also not a too small opening. No horizontal stripe, but with pursed lips. Like blowing out a candle and thinking, hé, hé, l’m letting go.
  • Take a break after exhalation. Until your body tells you to breathe again. Then inhale again. Repeat the exercise several times.

A nice image with this exercise is the sea. You breathe in, the water is drawn into the sea. The tension builds up. Then there is a wave that rolls over the sand: the exhalation. The water stays on the beach for a while: the break. And then the water is drawn back into the sea and the exercise is repeated. After two or three times you already feel a difference. Your heart rate is going down. The body relaxes but your mind remains very sharp. After some time you can also do this exercise without hands on the ribs.

Of course you can also do this exercise sitting and / or lying down.

Del Ferro’s technique is based on breathing during deep sleep, the most relaxed state of mind. Both the rhythm and the way of breathing. Are you lying awake unintentionally? Then this is a good exercise. Because of the way of breathing, the brain quickly receives the sleep signal. ”