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Stop hyperventilation attack


About 1 million people in the Netherlands suffer from hyperventilation every day. Although most people suffer from chronic hyperventilation, I also see a lot of people in my practice who are dealing with hyperventilation attacks.

When you have ever had an attack, you often develop fear for the next attack. This is because you are focused on it and the tension builds up. Your breathing will respond immediately resulting in another attack. The vicious circle of fear for the fear is has started.

If you now learn a technique in which the hyperventilation attack can stop, the fear of a new attack will logically decrease. After all, you have a “weapon” with to stop and even prevent the attack.

This is the strength of the training at The Breathing Academy. We offer you an effective technique, where you notice immediate results. Your complaints will decrease, you will feel that you can ‘breathe’ again and this will make the tension disappear.

The feeling of victory is enormous when you have noticed that you are in charge of your body for the first time, instead of hyperventilation being in control of you.