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I suffer from hyperventilation, what now?


Did you know that 1 million Dutch people suffer from hyperventilation every day, which causes palpitations, dizziness, fatigue and often panic attacks?

We speak of hyperventilation if your breathing is considerably too fast and / or too shallow. Hyperventilation means “too much” (hyper) breathing (ventilation). It is a symptom of anxiety, panic, stress, or fatigue. As a result, it can happen that breathing becomes unbalanced, with a number of unpleasant physical complaints as a result. Although hyperventilation is not dangerous in itself, it can cause more serious discomfort if you return regularly. The fear of another attack can maintain hyperventilation, which can cause panic attacks.

With the Del Ferro method you learn to breathe efficiently. The method was developed in 1978 by Len Del Ferro, which was a revolutionary discovery. The breathing technique where the diaphragm muscle is trained is the key to overcome hyperventilation. In addition, we also focus on the mental part in order to gain more confidence and overcome your fears. The training is conducted in private sessions to coach you personally in learning to apply efficient breathing and together achieve your personal goals.