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Breathing efficient during Corona virus


The worldwide contamination of the Corona virus the topic that keeps everybody busy.

Like most viruses, it has a higher chance to harm people with lower resistance. Health authorities have spread several general advises, like washing your hands more often and not to shake the hands of others. But what else can you do to protect yourself against this contagious virus?

Our body has a powerful weapon against viral invaders: the nose. 

Especially when it comes to viral invaders with a preference for the lungs, your nose can make a difference.

How? Ingrid Del Ferro, CEO of the Breathing Academy, will explain.

This is how the Del Ferro breathing method contributes against the Corona virus (and the flu)

The Del Ferro Method has been an expert in respiratory therapy for years. This method can add significant value in the worldwide “crisis” towards to the Corona virus. And that is due to the power of … our nose and the unique Del Ferro breathing technique.

Filter function
The nose has an important filter function. The microclimate in the nose is formulated to repel intruders, preventing them from getting further into the body, especially the lungs. You could say that the nose has a sterilising function. 

The nasal mucus traps smaller dust particles and bacteria, so that they can be swallowed to the stomach and won’t not survive the added stomach acid.

The nose also produces Nitrogen oxides. This helps your immune system deal with inflammation. By applying nasal breathing, nitric oxide can come from your nose to your lungs, where it has an anti-inflammatory effect.It is important for your general health to breathe through your nose. Unlike the nose, the mouth has less active defences at its disposal; the mouth is therefore mainly intended for talking and eating, not for inhaling.

By switching to a nasal breathing pattern, you will notice that your nose is less likely to clog or even become completely complaint-free. This has to do with the build-up of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is an important gas that affects many physiological processes in your body. This technique ensures that the airway muscles in your nose relax by building up extra carbon dioxide. This makes it possible to breathe freely again. Nasal sprays become unnecessary.

Breathing strengthens your immune system
When you are tense, you will faster and more shallow. As a result, the air will pass quicker through the airways and won’t get filtered in the most optimal way.

In addition, because of this shallow, stressful breathing, we use on average only 30% of our lung capacity. As a result, we do not receive enough oxygen when we breathe in to purify our system from waste. Our immune system weakens. If you learn to breathe deeper and more efficient, you increase the oxygen level in your body. It has been proved that this strengthens your immune system.

Breathing is the key to more vitality
Through targeted exercises aimed at training the diaphragm, you can control your breathing in order to effortlessly use 60-70% of your lung capacity. This way you not only release physical tension through an efficient breathing technique, but you also experience more peace emotionally and mentally. You will notice that you get more energy.

The breathing technique of Del Ferro makes you feel less rushed because this way of breathing brings peace, which is more than necessary in this time with the Corona virus influencing our lives.

Del Ferro Technique in 3 steps
1. Breathe in gently through the nose for as long as you want and feel your ribs move apart. You can check this by placing your hands on the ribs

2. Breathe out immediately through the mouth and move your ribs together

3. Take a break of several seconds

Repeat this several times until it has enough effect.

For more information about the Del Ferro breathing technique and exercises, it is advisable to consult with a Del Ferro therapist, who can give tailored advice for your personal health situation.

The Del Ferro method is based on more than 40 years of experience and has been scientifically proven effective in asthma, sleep disorders, hyperventilation, stress / burnout complaints, high blood pressure and condition improvement. We offer live breathing coaching online at this time. If you want to know more, check out