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Annick Melgers


Annick Melgers • Coach

Annick Melgers is affiliated as a coach with The Breathing Academy. In her top sports career, Annick has experienced hyperventilation herself and how to overcome this.

Her perseverance, winning mentality and friendly way of teaching makes Annick a coach you want to take life lessons from. With the ability to put herself in someone else’s shoes and use her own experiences, her goal is to help people with breathing related problems and improve performance of top athletes. 

My story

"My name is Annick Melgers, I am a professional tennis player. Among other things, I have been a Dutch champion four times and I have won two international titles. During my top sports career I used to suffer from hyperventilation attacks during training. At first I was diagnosed with exercise asthma. 

At that time I was prescribed asthma medication. However, I continued to have these attacks.

The physical trainer of the KNLTB advised me to contact The Breathing Academy, so I started following the breathing training with Ingrid Del Ferro. This felt like a liberation for me.

After following the training and mastering the technique I have never had a hyperventilation attack again and I can complete all training sessions without physical problems and with confidence. It immediately improved my endurance considerably, which was also shown by various exercise tests. I stopped using the the prescribed medication and I never had to take these medications again.

The method gave me a weapon that can be used in all kinds of training. In addition, it is also a weapon on a mental level, such as keeping emotions and thoughts under control before, during and after matches or tournaments. This has given my sports career a positive boost, and at the same time more peace in my daily life.

I have experienced the positive effect the method has on my body and mind. I wish that to everyone and therefore I am very proud to be part of the Del Ferro team."

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